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How to make a proper diet


Proper nutrition (sometimes called healthy) means the use of natural products that are only beneficial to the body. The diet of the person who intends to eat according to this principle should include foods that contain the right amount of nutrients. We are talking about the following ingredients:

trace mineral.

How to prepare a menu for the week
The characteristic feature of proper nutrition is that it does not mean that the strict menu is respected. This should be compiled taking into account the characteristics of a person, their food preferences. The most important thing is to follow the principles of product combinations. We are talking about the following rules:
breakfast should be rich in carbohydrates.;
dinner should contain a lot of carbohydrates;
each meal should be taken with fiber-foods (vegetables, fruits, bran);
if you want to eat sweets, you only have to do it in the morning;
it is important to distribute calories correctly.

Usually, people who follow the right diet prepare the menu a week in advance and then simply prepare the food. Below is an example of a diet in which the necessary products have already been selected. Of course, it can change if, for example, a person does not eat any food.